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Pastor Mims Jr. came to California from Memphis, Tenn, in pursuit of a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. Two years later , he began attending Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles, where his relationship with the Lord began to soar. In October 1983; after six years of fellowship with Crenshaw Christian Center, and being led by the spirit, Full of Faith was born from his home bible studies. Pastor Mims Jr. worked for the www.losangelesmission.org as a chaplain for five years. He counseled, guided, and encouraged groups of men, from various troubled backgrounds, who enrolled in the Mission's Fresh Start Rehabilitation Program.

Pastor Mims Jr. has always had a concern for the inner city communities. He generously gives his personal time and expenses to benefit those less fortunate and supports others who have the same passions The commission of the church is to "go into all the world and preach the good news of Jesus Christ." Pastor Mims frequently held church in various parks in south Los Angeles. The homeless and park visitors were welcomed to participate in the services and partake of the free food, clothing and other personal necessities that were given away. Pastor Mims Jr. does not believe in selling anything in the name of the church. As the scripture says, "freely you have received, so freely you give."

By the leading of the Lord the Pastor moved the church to the Inland Empire in January 1994.The outreach and park ministry is once again becoming a regular activity. Garfield, Ganesha, Frank G. Bonelli and most recently Washington Park have been blessed with the outreach and park ministry. The City of Pomona has graciously received Pastor Mims and Full of Faith Christian Center into its community and made it feel like home. Pastor Mims and Full of Faith Christian Center have joined with several other churches of different denominations in the city of Pomona to form the Coalition of Churches.

Pastor Mims has been married for over 25 years to his wonderful wife Darlene. She has been and continues to be a consistent strength and support to him as they continue work and service to the Lord.